GreCan Natural Medicine among the first 37 legalized licenced companies in Greece

A year after the establishment of the regulatory framework for cultivating & producing medical cannabis in Greece, while Greek authorities received 116 investment applications, the first 37 companies have already ensured Authorization. Among them, GreCan Natural Medicine, while 12 more companies are in the process of approval.

It is particularly interesting & promising, the fact that 11 of 37 approvals, were declared in North Greece, especially central Macedonia. Therefore, that means a new increased investment trend for technological & pharmaceutical development in Greece, while at the same time job openings are available.

In the near future, GreCan Natural Medicine, proceeds in quick steps building her own facilities, in order to complete her project by the end of 2020.

Kosmarikou I Margarita
GRECAN Natural Medicine
[email protected]