GRECAN Natural Medicine at Cannabis Capital Convention 2019

Global cannabis market, an industry that is constantly changing, developing & evolving!

Cannabis Capital Convention in Amsterdam 30th of October gave a more-in-depth look at these developments. GRECAN Natural Medicine, as part of its ongoing research for networking and development opportunities, couldn’t be absent from one of the best Cannabis Events 2019-’20.

The aim of CCC was to bring together all the local & international leading companies, from all sectors, representing in total technological & research innovations involved in cultivation, processing and producing of new medical cannabis products, up to strategies between Europe & America through serious mergers and meaningful partnerships.

International interest issues of global industry were discussed, such as upcoming regulations and legal framework in trading between EU & America, the emerging markets of Europe, like Greece, while at the same time, main purpose of CCC was exchanging experience and knowledge for cannabis industry future.

Top professionals of cannabis industry, such as financial analysts, legal advisors, cannabis growers, activists, investors, even people from showbiz, shared their thoughts and concerns, while at the same time they concurred a positive intension of working together, for a united commercial policy between all legalized countries in Europe & America.

Greece, which is recently legalised from Greek authorities in cultivate and processing medical cannabis, was actively represented from GRECAN Natural Medicine, highlighting that as a predominant agricultural and development country, combined with a high grade response of investments in building technologically advanced facilities, we believe that soon we will be able to compete production quality, compared with leader countries in cannabis industry. Among all the above, it was our pleasure and honor to represent our business plan, talking about the first step, which includes building of GRECAN facilities, concerning all the specifications for obtaining certifications such as GACP & EU-GMP standards, while at the same time we start with a hydroponic cultivation greenhouse of 4,7 acres.

Kosmarikou I Margarita
GRECAN Natural Medicine